Mains / Battery Backup Fire Safety

Smoke and heat detectors that need to be wired up the mains electrical supply with battery back up. They are able to be interconnected to other alarms of the the same brand for reliable safety and security. See individual listings for more details.
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Mains / Battery Backup Fire Safety
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Red Arrow Mains Powered with Battery Back Up Smoke, Heat & CO Detector Packs
From: £99.99

Mains connected with 5 year backup battery

Interconnect via wired or radio frequency connection

Numerous pack types available

Red Arrow Mains Heat Alarm with 5 Year Back Up Battery
  • Interlink up to 40 Red Arrow devices
  • 10 Year Product Life
  • Safety standards: BS 5446-2:2003 / BSI KM 715769 / CE / UKCA
Red Arrow Mains Smoke Alarm with 5 Year Back Up Battery
  • Mains wired with 5 year back up battery
  • Interconnect up to 40 additional Red Arrow devices
  • Safety standards: BS EN 14604:2005+AC:2008 / CE / UKCA